My sister and I fight all the time. I don’t really hate her, but I don’t know how to get along with her better.

I would imagine that nearly ever sibling in the world has argued with their brother or sister at some point. So although you’re not alone in your struggles, the reason you’re not alone is because this is a tough issue to resolve. In general, people get angry more easily with their siblings than they do anyone else; probably because they know their siblings will always be there. If we got mad at our friends, they might stop being our friends, but no matter how angry I get with my sister, she’s still my sister… and thank goodness for that!

When both you and your sister are in good moods, try talking to her about this. Pray beforehand that God will help you both stay calm and don’t make any accusations or bring up specific circumstances. Colossians 4:6 says, “Let your conversation be always full of grace.” Tell your sister that you care about her and that you want to argue with her less. Chances are she feels the same way and doesn’t know how to get along with you better either.

If you don’t feel like you can talk to your sister or you try and it doesn’t help, begin praying about the situation daily. James 5:13 says, “Is any one of you in trouble? He should pray,” and 1 Thessalonians 5:17 says, “pray continually.” Love your sister as well as you can by being patient with her and praying for her. It may not happen overnight, but God will be faithful to help your relationship.

“Be devoted to one another in [sisterly] love. Honor one another above yourselves.” (Romans 12:10)

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This really helped me a Lot!


me and my sister fight a lot, not about stuff, well at least not mostly, but we just argue and say things to hurt each other. same with my brother, we just say things trying to make each other feel bad, i don't know why we just can't get along! I try really hard not to fight, but no one else does!



me and my sister used to fight but about a year ago we just stopped. it great because now shes like a live in best friend!!!!!!(but a 3 and 1/2 years younger)its quite funny because im short and shes tall so we get called twins all the time. whenever someone mensions it we both just crack up laughing :D


This helped me a lot!!!!!!!!

Shannon :

Okay, this is a little late, but it seems like 1 days out of 10 me and my sister are argueing. she is 10 and i'm 13 so we have a big difference. Partly it is my fault becuase i can have a bad temper. I ussaully succeed in controlling it but something she says will tork me off and will get into this huge arguement where she's crying and i want to punch something. help , Please!


I used to live with my step sister, until my dad and her mom got divorced so now we live in separate states. Me and her are only a couple months apart (she's older) but we're in the same grade. Don't take your sisters for granted. If you just get taken away from her (like I was) to never live with her again, every day wishing she could be there to talk about boys, clothes, hair, problems, whatever. I wish she was here every day. There are some things that can only be shared with sisters. I'd give anything, for her to be here right now.


Okay how can I start this I do love my sister althought I might tell her I diss like her... But we fight like cats and dogs everyday, all day without fail! (We are 5 years apart) I'm just scared of losing her one day because having a lil sister should be something precious but our relationship is just not there at all. I'm 18 and im so tempted to leave the house in a year and I dnt want to lose my sister. Like they said before there's some things that you can only tell a sister and I dont have that. I dont tell her anything and she doesn't share anything with me either. We only tell eachother hurtfull stuff.

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