February 2012



So my life is upside down.. The guy I really Like just moved always to Alaska and I live in Texas.. We still talk but it's not the same. We talked about dying before he left but we decided it would be better to stay friends.. We were always close friends and talked about everything. I miss him so much! Please pray for our relationship! He's goin through a really hard time and Is stressed out.. So please pray for him.. He went to Alaksa to be a missionary thre with his older sister and parents.. Please pray that their mission there will work out.. Thanks..


Please pray for my family because we are moving and Im having a really hard time with this. Thanks:)


I'll begin saying my life hasn't been an easy thing. I've always struggled with one thing or another. I'm getting super close to God and the devil just fights me harder and harder. I had to leave my old church because of some issues. I had some "boyfriends" there. One sexually abused me the other physically abused me. So I'm at a new church. They aren't making it easy to fit in. I'm developing an eating disorder, slowly but surely. They're all like a size 4 and i'm not. They rich and snotty and I don't like people like that. I'm having a hard time finding where i'm supposed to be. Then because of all the sexual things i went through..when i'm around a guy thats how i feel i'm supposed to act. Perverted and telling dirty jokes and letting him do what he pleases. i'm always the one to end up hurt. To be completely clear i'm still a virgin. It's just i feel if i don't control this issue i wont be for long. I used to cut i'm 100 and something days clean and i almost wanna give it up. Just to have a sweet release. i'm broken. i'm far from perfect. i act like a slut. At night i cry. If it wasnt for music i don't know what i'd do. I want out of this. i dont want to have to deal with this EVER again. but heres the truth i do. all the time. and it's slowly killing me inside. i always have to like some guy. i always feel i need some guy around me. i'm just hurt that i allow myself to be like this. prayer would be an awesome thing from you guys. super awesome. I wish i could be better but i know for a wish to come true i must do more than wish. anyways that's my story for this moment of my life. and i need help.



Dear God,

Please help me through this time of struggle. My boyfriend of 2 years, broke things off last week, and i dont really know what to do. I pray that you please put your love in his heart and mind, to give us another chance, and work things out. God you blessed me with such a wonderful guy for 2 years, and i ask for help for what ever he is going through, and help our relationship. Please help us rebuild our love and bond together so we can be as great as we used to be. I love him more than i could ever describe, and i ask for please help. i love you God. amen


Dear God, please help bring my best friend to you. Her boyfriend loves her more than anything, and needs the guidence to bring his gf to love you. I know it would help their relationship amazinly, and help her everyday to be able to have you God. amen


My relator was recently digognosed with brail cancer and has to have radiation treatment. Please pray for him.


Please pray that I would stop doubting God's goodness every day. I go to a very liberal school, and I am bullied constantly for being Christian. Please pray that God will enter both their hearts and mine. Also pray that their mean words won't hurt me, and that I would never doubt God's goodness. Ever.


theres a person that i know that is having trouble at home with her parents please pray for her for things to get better thank you and god bless...


This prayer request isn't really for me, but for a thing that people are doing at my church. We are building houses for Haiti that fit about 12-14 people but that are REALLY small! Just please pray that we get money to build more, and that the people in Haiti get the houses and live happiliy in them! Also please ask your church to do something about that whole hunger in the world thing! 1 person makes a difference please remember that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Also please pray for me. Because at my church we are having this sex unit, and at one of them, they talked about how it isn't good to have a boyfriend at my age, but there is this guy I REALLY like, and he likes me too. So I'm confused on whether or not it is a sin to have a boyfriend. ;(


ive been having trouble at home with my dad and me. Its been really hard and ive been making some bad mistakes that are making him upset.I keep lieing to him and i wont stop lieing.I keep on getting frusterated at myself and no matter what i do the devil wont just get out of my life.I do everything i can to make him forgive me but i keep on doing it and my apologys he just says that me saying im sorry i s getting old because i keep on doing the same thing and i wont stop...

so i ask for people to pray for me and i keep trying to find ways on how to quit lieing to him.Because when i lie i dont get to do anything i cant hang out with my friends i cant go outside. i dont know what to do.......


hi everyone! plz pray for my puppy! she had to go to the dr. and has been sick for some time now---plz pray that she will get well very soon and God will heal her!!! plz also pray that the tests they do show that she is healthy and has no problems--she has had kidney problems and they are testing to see if she has them again--plz pray that she doesn't!!! and that nothing else is wrong!!! plz pray that nothing is wrong at all and she is completely healed!!! thank you so much!! praying for all u guys too!


A prayer for my marriage would be amazing and greatly appreciated. It's not so much my marriage, moreso a prayer to help me with some problems I have. I feel like I struggle with greed over my husband. I am ALWAYS wanting him around, and it is making him feel smothered. Being a stay at home mom of soon to be 3 children, he is just about my only person I talk to. To the point of when he should be sleeping because his work needs him at 3 in the morning, I struggle with letting him sleep. I want to spend time with him, and on one hand, I know I should want him to sleep, he needs it, and I don't want him being tired for work, but the greed inside me wants him to skip sleeping so he can spend time with me :( I feel so attached to him that it's sickening. I know I need to let go a little, and let him be his own person too, and gain a little independence myself, it's just very hard not to step back completely. Lord give me the strength to find happiness without feeling like I need my husband around me 24/7.


I need prayer for strength and guidance right now. I just found out that my biological father has been trying to contact me after being absent in my life since I was 5 months old. I am 20, happily married, and pregnant with my 3rd child. I am not sure how to handle this. My step father adopted my sister and I when we were young and has been our dad our whole lives. I need help and guidance figuring out where to go from here..


Please pray for my momma. She has so many health problems. Crohns Disease, Degenerative Disk Disease, Fibromyalgia, Siatica, Inverted Spine, etc. Its crazy. We were blessed that her disability finally came through but she suffers so badly every single day. She takes literally about 23 pills daily. Nothing seems to give her relief & doctors have basically left it at this. Please pray for a miracle & some relief for my mom, she needs it.


I would really be blessed if someone could please pray for me. I've been struggling spiritually lately, and not necessarily in a way where I'm turning away from God, but I've just been so distracted by university, friends, a guy, and I find it hard to focus on God, even at church. I've been losing all motivation lately too. It would really encourage me if I knew just a couple of people were saying even three words for me in their prayers. I want that first love for God that I did when I was first saved, and something needs to happen. Thank you. :)


Okay, here's the deal...I know it's normal for girls to like guys and all that. But lately...I've been I little confused about it all. I'm 13 and I totally and completely believe in saving yourself for marriage. (And I have no intention of having sex ANY TIME SOON!) But everytime I go out in public...I'll see a guy and be like "Oh my word! He is so cute!" Next aisle in the grocery store---"Whoa! There's a cutie!" It annoys me so much...and the thing is, before this year I have had NO interest whatsoever in boys. I am so confused...HELP!


My Grandma, My neighbors cause they aren't christens, and I think I found my soul mate.


One of my friends got a brain tumor and she had to get it surgically removed. She has been in a coma for months and recently has been able to hear people and make noises. Her ability to learn or speak is gone. She is in a wheelchair now but her parents biggest fear is that her friends will forget her and her condition. I want her parents and family to know that the grace of God is always there with them and that that she will never be forgotten.


I know as a normal girl you'd be obsessed with love and stuff, but I have really been wishing for a real love.
I wasn't always wishing for one. Not until I started liking a boy for three years and before I realized I really liked him he got a girlfriend (my best friend). While they were flirting I was just thinking why I couldn't just fall in love with someone else. I secretly also thought liking him when he was dating her was like sinning, but I am still not totally convinced.
Please help me out.


Plz help and give me advice. I feel left out, ever since my little cousin moved in. The house is no longer peaceful. And me, everyone seems to forget about me. They all focus on my little cousin. But what annoys ,me is, that when my little cousin does something wrong, everyone else blames it on me, when I'm INNOCENT. Afterwards, IM the one that gets PUNISHED for something I DIDN'T do, and my little cousin just doesnt say anything and let's me take the blame. I try to tell them, that my little cousin did something wrong, not me. But then THEY tell ME that "Why are you trying to blame your little cousin every time you do something wrong?


Please pray for my baby. She had a kidney operation last year and is having some trouble now. Please pray that nothing serious is wrong and that whatever is wrong that God will heal!!! Thank you so much and God bless you!!!


Well, there is this very special camp for Christian teens in my church, and I rlly want to go. I 11 and a half years old, turning 12 this year. The rule there is that I must be 12 years old to go, relating to maturity. Please pray for me that they will accept me, for it is my hearts desire for me to go! The camp is rlly fun and very beneficial-please pray for me!!!!


I have faith issues. I do believe in Jesus and God about 95% of the way. But I'm very skeptical. I will dive into Christianity and be really perfect for about two weeks, but then I slowly begin to slip away, not reading my bible, not praying as much, pretty much because life gets in the way. And it's so hard for me to keep it steady. Every week or so after I slip, I just start to feel really guilty, and horrible about not paying attention and letting my worldly desires get in the way of me and Jesus. Then I just start to get really sad about it, and thinking about how any second I could die and go to hell. It just really sucks (this is the phase I'm at now by the way). And I'm really scared, and I try really hard to keep up with myself, by praying regularly, and reading the word, but it's just so difficult for me. I'm not sure why, but it is. I always get lax, and start to just care less. I have a hard time keeping a good mindset with him. I assume I always get really jumpy and depressed during the time after I slip because I'm just a very paranoid person. I never think I'm doing good enough, and I think that God wouldn't want to let me into heaven because I really do know better then I sometimes display. I have a lot of trouble keeping the faith.

I also have trouble listening to God as well. It's hard for me to listen what he wants me to do, and to separate him from my conscious and thoughts and that little voice inside my head. I assume this is because of my over active imagination. I'm not sure if it's really God or just me. I've read that I have to try and separate the voices, but it's very difficult. Because of this it's hard for me to move forward because I don't know if I'm doing something because God said to, or if it was my imagination. I don't want to do something life changing and it just all be in my head.

And if you can tell I'm a bit of a perfectionist. And I don't like it very much because I'm always critiquing myself. This includes religion. I'm not happy until I have it perfect.

Please, can someone help me, or at least pray for me. I'm tired of this cycle. I don't want to be scared to live because I might just die. And I'm scared to move on because I'm not sure if God is telling me to or if it's just all in my head. I'm so terrified that something really bad might come out of mistaking God's voice for my own. And vice versa.


For my spiritual well being. -Adrian


My prayer request is that my friends little sister, Emma would stay strong and heal quickly. She has been diagnosed with lymphoma cancer- luckily a curable kind. Shes been doing chemo for around a week now and already the tumors are getting smaller so praise the Lord for that :)


God Bless you all ! thank you for what you guys post it really makes me feel better & remember God's love . i really appreciate all this & now i need help to pray for something . see i pray for God to make me patieent and wait for Him to do something about someone . i feel like a huge temptation is gonna come & i neeed to be alert . please pray for me too that when this happens i can be victorious in the Name of JEsus . i have alot of Faith & i know that my Jesus God & The Holy Spirit will help me out alot . if God permits something to happen its so i can learn from it . thank you soooo much , God Bless.


plz everyone pray for a loved one of mine---the doctor thinks they may have cancer!!!! plz pray that they don't and that God will heal them and help them and their family through this time!!!!! thanks so much!!!!!


I am incredably thankful for what GOd has done for me and what He has given me, and I thank HIm everyday for them. But right now I've got a lot of stuff going and I was hoping I could get some extra prayer...
Be praying for my Brother who just got home from Afghanistan about 10 months ago. He had to go to the doctor the other week and they said that he could possibly have cancer. They're doing some testing to see if he actually does have it. Be praying for him, my family, and me.
Another thing I need prayeron is my best friend. She just went off to Basic training yesturday for the airforce and then when she gets done with that, she'll be gonig stright to TEC training. We used to go to school together and Church together, but then she moved. Soon her mom married an athiest man who told my Bestfriend that God didn't exist so she didn't know exactly what to believe. She's still kind of like that but thngs are getting better and she's coming back, slowly but surley. But be praying that she's safe and that someway, somehow, God will reveal Himself to her. I've always been there for her and I've always told her that though she may think He's not with her, God is always by her side.
I've also got a bunch of stuff going on at school. I'm graduating in the spring and I'm trying to make sure I have everything I need for the rest of this year, graduation, and college. I'm starting to get stressed about everything going on. :P
And lastley (I promis,lol),I have some personal stuff I've been praying to God about lately.
Thank you all for you're prayers, they mean the world. I know that His word tells us that 2 or 3 are gathered in HIS name, so is he in the midst (And I'm pretty sure there's more than just 2 or 3 ;).) Thanks again for all the prayers.


ok so my mom is getting married and i having mixed emotinos about it cuz it wont just be and my mom anymor. it will be my mmom me him and his 2 kids. i have nothing against the guy but idk. please pray for me!


O.K. so there is this guy that I really REALLY Really like. All these people are like," Oh he likes you!" But I need to hear that from him. He DOES stare at me, smile at me, look into my eyes, talk to me, text me, tries to make me laugh, and he's playfully mean to me. Part of me is saying," He likes you!" the other part of me is saying," Let God decide!" I just want y'all to pray for me to know the right answer and for God to work through the boy to tell me if he likes me or if he just wants to be friends. I can tell he's kinda shy so I don't know if he likes me and is to shy to tell me or if he doesn't like me. So please pray for me! Thanks!


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