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May 1, 2011

For my pen-pal friends

I just wanted to throw out a quick thank you to each girl who read last month's article on the Power of Being a Girl and wrote in asking if I could hook them up. You guys are beautiful! It was so encouraging to see e-mails coming in and know that the Holy Spirit is alive and well in our teen girls. Well...I KNOW that He is but sometimes it's easy to forget, so to me you were all a picture of the church doing what it's supposed to be doing in loving our neighbors...even though they're in Uganda :)

I want to encourage you to write often and pray for the girl you're writing to. There's been some civil unrest in Uganda just this week and often, when things go bad in a country, it's the kids who pay the biggest price. Also remember that these girls are hurting when it comes to loss, so let them know they haven't been forgotten and that God is crazy about them. Consider yourself part of their family...because you are. Holler with any questions - I'm here for you.