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April 1, 2011

A surfer you should get to know

On Halloween morning 2003, thirteen year old Bethany Hamilton went out to catch the morning waves and her entire life changed. You see there was this 14 foot shark...

That right there makes me shiver a little.

So Bethany goes out surfing and has a little (not really so little) run in with a tiger shark, who decides he wants her left he/she takes it. And one month later, minus a left arm, she's back out there surfing. That alone makes this a story worth checking out, and if you're like me and you love a good story of redemption and coming back from a really hard hit, then you'll probably want to be at the theaters this Friday the 8th when the movie Soul Surfer comes out. It's Bethany's story, but I'm hoping it's really Jesus' story since this whole big convoluted, ugly, beautiful, messy, painful, brilliant mess of a story that we're all in, is really all about Him.

It's a story about danger, and an enemy who wants to destroy us in a world that's not really on our side.

It's about a God who's bigger than that enemy, and this world, and whatever monsters come out of nowhere and try to tear us apart one piece at a time.

It's about Jesus..who loves us so much that He let Himself get ripped apart, piece-by-piece, right alongside us, and then came back whole again to beat the living daylights out of all that wants to hurt us. Only that Guy can bring great things out of tragedies and suffering, and He absolutely LOVES getting His girls back in the game when they've been mangled, and seemingly defeated.

So I think I'll go check it out and look for Jesus in the story, and the waves, and even in the shark. Because He made that shark and knew exactly what day it and Bethany would meet. He also knew the good that would come of it and how we sometimes need to see Him triumph in a rotten situation so that we know He can help us in our own. Fairy tales are nice but they aren't true to life for most of us. Monsters, on the other hand, tend to pop up in everyone's life at one time or another.

If you go see the movie, come back and let me know what you thought and what you saw in the story. Think beyond the obvious and look for Jesus.

Love you guys,