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February 1, 2011

For all you pet lovers

I grew up in a home where there was always at least one rescue animal in the house. It would be easy to say that it was my mom leading the charge since she would happily welcome not just pets, but people as well, but it was my dad who brought home the snapping turtle, and the biggest dog in the world who loved to poop on my clothes. Daggum dog. So now I have 2 rescue cats and would seriously take in more if I had a bigger place that could handle the smell and the mess...and if one of my cats didn't hate every other animal in the world.

That's just an intro so I can talk about Austin Pets Alive! (that's not an "I'm so excited" exclamation point, it's part of their name) here in Austin Texas. APA! is an organization that's working harder than I've seen any animal rescue operation work to make this a "no-kill" city. They're trying to stop all unnecessary animal kills by shelters and so far they're doing a phenomenal job. The really cool thing about them is that they see each pet as an individual animal worth saving and more than once I've gotten on their website and ended up in tears because some poor dog or cat has been injured beyond belief, and hours before they were to be put down APA! swept in and saved them. Like Trudy pictured below(click here to see her facebook page with the latest updates), a 5 month old puppy with the worst case of mange I've ever seen, but because a few people cared, she's in a foster home and is doing much better.


I honestly believe that God's expectation of us when it comes to animals is that we care for them and do what we can to relieve their suffering. Our God is big enough to care about animals as well as people and anyone who tells you that people are all that matter to Him has a very tiny vision of who He really is. We need people like Dr. Ellen Jefferson in this world as badly as we need Katie Davises and families like the Betors. If you have a heart for animals as well as people who are suffering or need help, then run with that. God has filled this earth with His people so that we can work together to make it a better place for every hurting thing, not just a select few.