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July 1, 2010

Phil's bookstore

You might remember Phil from this post. He's grown up a bit and is now a long, lean, hunting machine (grasshoppers mostly) who loves to play in the rain and is quite helpful in the bookstore. Weird I know. He also loves boxes. Hiding in them, jumping out of them, leaping over them. One of his favorite games is a little something we like to call Phil-in-a-box, where some unsuspecting victim strolls by on her way to...let's say the bathroom. As Betsy-Wetsy passes by the innocent looking box, out jumps a ferocious white and red cat and she immediately wets herself. Fun game. Anyway - if your mom ordered you something from the VR store recently, like if you got one of the new Betweens, you might have found a little piece (or a chunk) of cat hair somewhere in the book or box or envelope. And this is why:



He also likes to attack the printer while it's doing its thing and sometimes his tail feeds in with the shipping labels...which ruins a lot of shipping labels as you can imagine. Here he is in a calm moment waiting for the print monster to make its next move.


So if you ordered something from us and didn't expect it to be furry you now know why it is. Just think of it as a little love from Phil to you.