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April 16, 2010

Longing for Africa

I've been listening to Brooke Fraser on repeat all morning. Albertine, Shadowfeet, and C.S. Lewis song, over and over and over. I'm sure if anyone else were here they would hit me over the head but I just can't stop thinking about Africa.

This morning I cooked one last breakfast for three girls from Uganda who've been staying at my place since Saturday. They're 9, 9, and 13 years old and are here with the Mwangaza Children's Choir traveling parts of the states to help raise awareness and money for kids in Uganda who need the help. Imagine that. Imagine traveling halfway across the world at that age, without your parents, and ending up in a country where everyone is white and scary (they did tell me they were afraid of all the white people when they first got here.) Imagine all the food being weird and nobody looking like you and being stuck here for six months without being able to talk to your mom and dad. They're so brave and so beautiful. And boy do they love to sing, dance and make videos of themselves doing those things. As soon as I get my computer fixed I'll post one of them here...they're hilarious!

These girls and their love for Jesus (every video on my camera is a song about or prayer to Jesus) along with my obsessive reading of the Kisses from Katie blog has me longing to go to Africa, which is weird because I never really have the desire to do that. I want so badly to be used by God to help orphans. Maybe that's where we're headed. You never know really with this great God of ours. When you take your hands off your life it all becomes one big unknown adventure...and I like it that way.