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December 1, 2009

Christmas reminders

I was sitting here thinking about you guys and what a rough road being a teenager can be. Then I was thinking about what I was like in high school and junior high and thanking God that I'm not still that person. I sort of hated high school but I think it was mostly because I had walked away from God when I was about 13 and doing high school without Jesus is the loneliest way to do it. So now I'm sitting here at my desk and the tree lights are on and Phil is sleeping behind the computer (it's warm back there) and I'm crazy about Jesus and want to take this opportunity to remind you guys of a few basic truths that can change your life. Things I forgot when I was a teenager but I hope you hold onto.

1) Jesus loves you more than any boy ever will...even if that boy ends up marrying you and stays with you for life. Don't sell out your First Love for anything this world has to offer.
2) God's will for your life is that you know Him and follow Him. It's just that easy. Don't get hung up on the particulars or what that means for your future.
3) God can be trusted with the particulars and for your future. He has all the control in the world and you hardly have any so be still, or relax, and know that He is God.
4) Never compare your life with those around you. God didn't intend for you to look just like everyone else and comparing will suck all the joy out of your life.
5) Be thankful for the gifts God gives you instead of wishing you had the ones He's given to others. If you can't see them, ask Him to show you what is a gift and what isn't. Thankfulness, in general, can make life a whole lot better.
6) Don't judge God by the people around you or the world you live in. Believe what He says about Himself over what you think you see around you. Remember, we live by faith, not by sight. He says He's faithful and compassionate, abounding in love - so He is, no matter what happens in this life.
7) It's just high school...or junior high. Don't believe the lie that this is the best time of your life or get too worked up about how things are going right now. This will be over in a few years and pretty soon you'll look back and it will be a distant memory and you'll wonder why you took it all so seriously.

And finally, because it's Christmas and we need to remember what we're really celebrating,

8) Jesus loved you so much that He gave up everything to come down here and rescue you from yourself, the world and the devil. If you knew that this year, on December 25th, the love of your life would finally walk into your house and save you from everything, how would you prepare for that? Would you live differently? Let's remember that Christmas is a celebration of the greatest love story ever told and we're honored enough to get to be in the story.

I love you guys! Hang in there and hold onto Jesus - He's the one thing that matters most.
Merry Christmas!!!