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July 3, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance


I'm not a dancer - although in Heaven I plan on learning every dance style there is and dancing my brains out. And I'm a bit of a klutz here, but there...I'm gonna have some serious skills. I don't even really like reality shows but this one hooked me. There's something about dance done well that's mesmerizing and makes me think maybe, just maybe I could do that. My soul dances along even if my body can't do it and I wonder what it's like to be able to tell a story using my whole body. I do the same thing watching the Olympic gymnasts. I think maybe, just maybe, if I tried really hard, I could do that too.

Before anyone gets all worked up and goes Pharisee on me I will say that I know not all the dancing that happens on this show is glorifying to God, and having been a theater major in college, I know how messed up the world of entertainment can be. God rescued me from the pit of it years ago and saved me from a lifestyle that would probably have destroyed me. I also know that God created dance and that King David danced for the glory of God. I know that He gives His people talents and gifts that He expects us to use to point people to Him, including dancing and singing and acting. Our tendency is to twist it all around and use them for our own fame and glory, which in the end ruins us, but when done right those things can help lift my soul to Jesus - the starting point for all beauty.

There were two dances this season that had me absolutely bawling because they touched me so deeply. One was Melissa and Ade's Breast Cancer Tribute, which actually had the judges snotting all over themselves too. For anyone who has fought this battle or watched someone they loved fight it, this dance said more than words ever could.

The other dance that really shook me was Kayla & Kupono's dance about addiction. I've lost a few people to addictions and nearly lost a few others. Anything that owns you and rules you, apart from Jesus, has destruction in mind and the fight to overcome any addiction is played out so beautifully and horribly in this dance that it makes me cry every time I watch it.

If God has blessed you with the gift of dance, I pray that you dance for the glory of the One who made you and never for your own. Sometimes dance tells the story better than words ever could.