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April 1, 2009

Would Jesus Twitter?

twitter_logo_125x29.pngDo you guys Twitter? I actually thought it was a really stupid idea but then I realized that if you just want to do a quick shout out to your friends or let everyone know about this really cool thing you've discovered, it's a pretty great way to do it.

Then I started thinking, what if Jesus Twittered? Jesus' first invitation to some fishermen was simply "come follow me" and since the point of calling myself a Christian is that I spend my life doing the same, it makes perfect sense that He would be out there each day shooting us an encouraging message, or a quick love note, or directions, or an invitation to His next big thing...I can keep going but I won't. So now we're Twittering with Jesus in mind and if you're interested you can follow us @VirtuousReality.

Follow us while we follow Jesus.