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October 1, 2008

Following Jesus - part 1

Tomorrow I'm headed to Mexico City with friends to volunteer with the Passion Conference, which is SO VERY COOL because I love what Passion is all about and never thought i would get to work with them, even as a volunteer. Now to make it all even cooler, I'm going with my friends from Makarios who are doing very Jesus kinds of things in the Dominican Republic, and we get to help a little church in the city do some of those Jesus things there.
In order for you guys to understand the level of cool we're talking about here, I need to give you a little background. Back in the beginning of the year I felt like God asked me to leave my job as a youth leader in a church and just follow Him. He didn't say where we were going or what I would be doing, He just held out His hand and asked if I would follow. So I did. Now here I am 5 months later, talking to you guys and reading your prayer requests and traveling the world (did I mention I get to go to East Asia in November?) and meeting more and more of this big family I belong to than I ever thought I would. And what I'm understanding more and more is that this God I want so badly to follow really has a much better plan for me than I do...even when I doubt it. And He really is 100% good even when things seen so horribly wrong and messed up. So it comes down to trust. Do I...can I, trust the God who says He loves me even when He allows hard or bad things to happen in my life? Because I honestly believe that everyday He meets me with a big smile and His hand held out asking me if I'll walk with Him today - "Will you follow me today Jamie?" And I think that often I say no, but look at what He does when I say yes and then fight all my doubts in order to trust Him. Tomorrow year, only He knows, but I would rather do this thing His way than my own.
How about you? I'll be back with a full report after Mexico City but until then, let me know what's going on with you. It's so much more fun to follow Him with friends than alone. Are you guys following Jesus or interested in maybe following Him?