Meet the Snowbeast

How's it going? I was just sitting here thinking about this blog and what to say and wondering how many of you would actually read it and respond. Then I thought that maybe instead of hitting you with something soul deep and so very convicting, I should maybe introduce myself first since I'm new here and just taking over the big blog.

But then I thought of how boring and really self-involved it would be to talk all about myself...God's working me away from the selfish, self-involved maybe instead of talking about me, I'll just introduce you to The Snowbeast. Before I go there (because "there" can be pretty scary) I will tell you that my name is Jamie and I truly love talking Jesus with anyone who will - so please talk back if you can.

On to The Beast. Her name is The Snowbeast ("The" always accompanies Snowbeast, she is never just Snowbeast) and she's roughly 6 years old. One rainy day (I don't actually know that it was a rainy day but it sets the mood you see) she and two siblings were shoved into a plastic bag at the tender age of 2 weeks and heartlessly thrown into a dumpster. At just the right moment a young woman was walking by and heard the sad cries of babies-in-dumpster and rescued them (yay for young women who rescue babies!)

Not long after said babies were rescued, I happened to be wandering through the church lobby and saw a tiny little white something being bottle fed by Mother of Rescue Girl. As I approached; it's little, fuzzy, matted, eyes-barely-open face, turned in my direction and let out the loudest little noise she could. And I knew in that moment it was meant to be...or that I just really wanted to bottle feed the kind-of-ugly baby.

Six years later she is asleep in the loft and I just finished sweeping roughly one million fur tumbleweeds out the front door. She has earned her name so don't let her pretty picture fool you into thinking she's a sweetheart...she's not...except to me and maybe one other person who also bottle fed her when she was young. God has used her on more than one occassion to show me how ugly I can be toward others and how He continues to love me unfailingly even on those days.

Meet The Snowbeast

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"Dog," I mumbled as I clicked the link to further meet THe Snowbeast. :) Wonderful story. I'm so happy that everything played out as it did. Praise God!!

God Bless!

Mama Cat:

Thanks for saving my baby! I'm glad she's teaching you about God's unfailing love. She sure is a beauty!

missy anonymous:

how did she manage to teach you stuff though???


It's really God who teaches me through her bad behavior. Like when she acts ugly and hisses at people for no good reason, I don't stop caring about her or taking care of her. In the same way God is always faithful and loves me the same each day no matter how ugly i might have been. see how that works?


oh the beast... my new rescue kitty is much nicer! But nonetheless, i do miss the beast. no really... i do. love you james, i need to come home asap-- im missin you guys hardcore. and i think you have inspired me to actually start my blogging... actually, Jesus did this afternoon, but i think i'll really start! lets talk soon.


and i miss YOU ad!!! come home. the SB says you should come home too.

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