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August 1, 2008

M is for Modest. Are you?

Between summer fashions and back-to-school dress codes, dressing in style this fall can be a challenge - especially when trying to be modest. You may know what NOT to wear (short shorts, halters, cleavage and navel revealing tight shirts, and exposing of the thong), but how do you gauge modesty in clothing practically?

Modesty is most often associated with clothing; however, it goes well beyond our outward appearance. In fact, immodest clothing reveals much about a person’s character, attitude and self esteem – as does the opposite. Think about it, what type of message do you wanted communicated about yourself based upon your clothing choices? Do you want your crush to think you are “easy” and simply viewed as “eye candy” for the male viewing pleasure? Or would you rather gain the respect of those around you without the cheap thrills of exposing too much of yourself?

What say you:
How do you dress en vogue and maintain a modest wardrobe? Is it really all that important?

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