Chris August - Battle

This song has meant a lot to me lately because life has felt more like a battle than anything else. I generally don't like songs that talk about how great my faith is or how I'll never give up on God, because I know it's just not true. I prefer songs that acknowledge how weak we are and that this thing depends on God being who He is and bringing us all safely home. Only God deserves to be glorified in this life, not me or you or any other Christian out there, and that's what this song does. It talks about the struggles in this life and the battles we'll fight, but reminds me that those battles are already won because of what Jesus did. Take a listen.

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AMENNNNN! I too have been listening to this song and no lie was listening to it right before I read this. So amen to remembering that JESUS is the death and sin conqueror and what our faith is based on. and the fact that He had already fought and won the battle through the cross!!
and bless Chris August for making such amazing music that captures our relationship with God. PRAISE the LORD!!!! <3


Thanks, thanks, thanks! I love checking in on your fav picks :)


I LOVE this song!!!!

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