I'm sure you guys know NeedToBreathe already from their songs Washed by the Water, Something Beautiful and More Time, but did you know they have this really great worship song called Signature of Divine? I want to be the last person in the world to set people up as gods or to make more of them than I should, and I don't know what these guys' really believe but that song tells me they know something of Jesus and how truly wonderful He is. I've done a little research and here's what lead singer Bear Rinehart says about their music and writing for the general crowd:

"If I write a song that uses certain Christian words and phrases, then great. But do we aim to make a certain amount of our lyrics Christian? That never enters our minds. We're Christian guys. If we write about our lives, then a "Christian song" comes out because it comes from a Christian perspective."

I'll just let this song speak for itself and pray that the Lord protects this band from fame and fortune and the destruction both can do. I'm also praying that their music will reach people who are lost and desperate but would never walk into a church. More than one person has met Jesus through a song on the radio.

For more about the band, click here to check out their website.

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I LOVE Needtobreathe and I LOVE this song!!! (Not to mention that the music video is AWESOME!!)

Alexa :

They are my fave band!!! I absolutely love their music. their song sooooooo helped me!!(: May God bless them and keep them safe, :)

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