The City Harmonic

So far I've only listened to their song "Manifesto" but it was enough to make me stop and take notes so I could share them with you. On their FB page it says "The City Harmonic is what happens when you mix nostalgic hymns, brit-rock and that sing-at-the-campfire feeling." Here's the song Manifesto if you want to see/hear what I'm talking about:

The band is made up of four guys from Canada who are big on writing songs that we can all participate in. Songs that make us want to really sing them for God instead of just singing along with the crowd because it's what's expected. Here's how their lead singer Elias Dummer said it:

"If we can somehow spark in people a dream, something they just can't shake, then that will inspire them to sing like every word matters, to live like every day matters, and having tasted heaven they’ll get on with helping this world feel more like home.”

I love their sound, they've got a little Coldplay kind of thing going on, and they seem to be passionate about worship and making it real, but don't take my word for it - check them out for yourselves. Here are links to their Spacebook and MyFace pages (I'm going to start calling them that for good. Makes me laugh everytime).

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