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May 1, 2009

Special request for TobyMac

We recently had a request to feature TobyMac on our site and I thought how cool is it that someone who's been around as long as Toby is still loving Jesus and making music that's about Him. So I went looking for some good info but he doesn't seem to do a lot of talking about himself. Even his website is more about a camp he started with friends than it is about himself.

See for youself - http://www.tobymac.com/

That's when I realized that I really like Toby Mac. Because I'm sick of people talking big about themselves but not having much to back up the talk. For example - I just recently heard from a friend in the entertainment industry that one of my favorite Christian bands is the worst group of people she's ever worked with. She said they were rude to everyone, didn't pay people for the work they did and even though they talked a good Jesus talk onstage, once they were off they were horrible. She even said that a friend of hers even gave up on Christianity because of how this one band acted. How sad is that?

That being said, I appreciate a man who has followed Jesus faithfully for a long time (as far as I can tell) and loves his family a lot and is more concerned about living what he believes than talking about it.

Check him out and let me know what you think.