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January 1, 2008

Stephen Speaks

stephen%20speaks.jpgWith the recent release of their third album, “Symptoms of Love” (Fall 2007), Stephen Speaks - a garage band from the Sooner State - has been shattering barriers in indie music since 1999. With only a home studio, a handful of songs and a whole lot of passion (all without a manager, an agent or even a record label), the band - composed of step-brothers Rockwell Ryan and Dain Samuelson - has managed to sell over 40,000 records, remain one of the top 100 artists on MySpace (since the summer of 2006) and has generated a grassroots fan base with over six million streams online.

The new album, featuring “Disappear,” “Just a Little Girl,” and “1500 Miles,” follows on the heals of their international acclaim from “Passenger Seat” and “Out of my League;” both singles debuted on the bands’ inaugural album “No More Doubt” in 2000. Flash forward a few years and Stephen Speaks topped the radio charts in Asia (2003); the band held the # 1 and #2 spots for over three months, performed four sold out shows to over 20,000 fans and held the #1 video on MTV abroad.

“I have no idea how it happened,” notes Ryan, band front man and producer. “Some college exchange students stuck it on the radio and it just took off. That’s our whole career; we just make music and our fans spread it. It’s been unbelievable.”

Beyond Stephen Speaks, Ryan has had a successful hand at producing several albums for The Hero Factor and Jackson Waters - who signed a record deal shortly after releasing the record.

With much of their success oversees, the band is looking forward to their upcoming U.S. tour with Five Times August this spring. Click here for tour schedule.

Stephen Speaks is available on itunes, Rhapsody, Napster and iSound.

No More Doubt (2000)
One More Day (2003)
Symptoms of Love (2007)

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